3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale!

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How many of you like to buy during sale season?  With Summer sales in full swing in the stores right now it’s time to pass out my personal sale shopping tips. In general I am not much of a sale shopper, preferring to have what’s new. However if I do buy something in sale it will be an incredibly well thought purchase. Based on history these pieces end up being those I wear the most for the seasons to come.

There are a few basic tricks when buying on sale – if you follow these you too will find your sale purchases being the best you ever made!

Keep reading to find out my 3 key tips for buying in the Summer sale!


3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale!

3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale

1. Research what the trends will be for next Summer

The first most basic tip is to do some research into what the key trends for next Summer will be. With social media anyone can do this today. Have your Instagram set up to follow your favourite shops – most of them show stories of what they are buying for the next Summer to come.

A few hints are to look out for here:

Khaki green – a hot topic for next Summer. Tie dye is also featuring large. With a move towards dressed up tie dye. Look out for any pretty tie dye dresses on sale.  Lengths are remaining either long or just above the knee. Leather will remain an item as well as colour pairing such as pink and orange or pastel turquoise with camel.

On the shoe front keep an eye out for statement sandals with decorative features. High quality sneakers remain an item with a move towards high tops once again.


3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale

2. Research what the trends are for the coming Autumn/Winter season

Researching what the trends are for the coming Autumn/Winter season may seem like an odd tip when you first read it. However many Summer pieces can also be worn during the colder months as long as you style them appropriately. Blazers are a good example. Especially if you are client facing in an office and wear blazers all day – a light weight blazer will be much more comfortable than it’s heavy counterpart!

This research is easy as it has already been seen on the catwalk. Here are a few Autumn/Winter 2020/21 show posts you might like to revisit to give you some inspiration:

Milan Fashion Week FW 20 – Runway Highlights & Trends Part 1

30 Best Street Style Looks Day 2 – Milan Fashion Week FW 2020

Runway Highlights & Vintage Transformation at Paris Fashion Week FW 2020


3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale

3. Go designer and stay away from cheap!

Go designer – with this I mean go for those labels that are over your normal budget.

Sale is the time to buy those pieces that would normally be out of your price range. If you have followed steps 1. and 2. above and then find something at 50% in a top designer store, snap it up. Unfortunately not all top designers have sales but be sure to visit those that do!

The best tip for cultivating a sustainable high class wardrobe in an affordable manner!


3 Key Tips for Buying in the Summer Sale


Whatever you do whilst sale shopping, do not buy something simply because it is cheap and seems like bargain of the century! These purchases tend to be the most expensive long term as you will hardly wear them!

Also do not spend your Autumn/Winter budget in the Summer sale! Be patient and wait for the new season to come!


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  1. I’m thinking more carefully about summer sales purchases because I haven’t been on holiday this year and my next trip isn’t until April. With the UK weather being unpredictable (although we’ve had some very hot days lately) I don’t want to risk buying something that I won’t wear. Fabulous dress, I love the tassel trim!

    Emma xxx

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