3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Hi Everyone,

Still in dress mode.

The dress is one I really love, especially because I can style it in so many ways. I wore the same dress earlier on in the year with sneakers and pumps see here…..

However simply shopping for this dress has a very special story to it. It is one of those dresses that you really have to try on and play with before you make your mind up about it.

So keep reading to find out more about 3 dress shopping mistakes to avoid.


3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

1. Judging a dress by the hanger

There are so many dresses which really look like nothing or miles too big on the hanger. However once they are on you and you have a belt in place or styled it properly they look fantastic.

This dress is a classic example – it is a one size only so on the hanger it looks like many of me would fit inside, however once you see it on with the belt it looks the perfect size.

I saw the same dress on a few people bigger sizes than me and it looks so cute on everyone – a real one size fits all piece!


3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

2. Judging a fit by the size on the label

I know many of us are so proud, we are a certain size and simply don’t want to try on a larger size. OMG no thanks… after all it could mean that we have put on weight and need to revamp our entire wardrobes!

At this point you can relax. Sizes vary so much with each label. It is best to look at a piece of clothing visually than based on the size written inside. I am a standard 34 and years ago I bought a size 38, simply because looking at the pieces I realised the 34 was probably designed for an 11 year old – not me!

The opposite has also happened – so keep this possibility in mind too.


3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

3. Mistake of buying a cheaper alternative

Please, whatever you do, promise me you won’t do this. The cheaper alternative will also generally mean cheaper fabric, made in a cheaper way or simply a less perfect fit.

Especially today when we are finally thinking about sustainability and trying to correct our throwaway society, thought needs to be given to keeping each piece longer.

I once read you should always buy the most expensive piece you can afford and then treasure it with your life. The best piece of fashion advice ever!


3 Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid


Outfit Details:

Dress (gifted) – available now in paradis des innocents

paradis des innocents
Oeten­bachgasse 7
8001 Zürich/​Schweiz

Telefon +41 44 262 20 50


Bag – Gucci (similar here)

Sunglasses – Prada (similar here)

BootsSimilar here

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