2 Heavenly Days in Bregenzerwald – Austria

Hi Everyone – do hope you’re having a fabulous day!

One of the nicest things about blogging is the wonderful people I have met. Not just artificial acquaintances  but real solid friendships have formed with some truly lovely people.

Earlier this year I went to a blogger meet in London (see more here), where I met Annette from Lady of Style. As she lives in Germany we said we would meet up in the middle some time and then this lovely opportunity came up to try out Sonne Lifestyle Resort in Bregenzerwald.


We had such a lovely time we’ve decided to share this with our readers and potentially inspire you to also treat yourselves to a wonderful short break in Bregenzerwald.


The two days already started well, feeling super relaxed with this fabulous view as I wait for Annette to arrive.dsc_2937

My room – a lot of thought in the design of each room with views to the mountains, plenty of cupboard space and a lovely huge shower (always judge a room by it’s shower – haha).


Here we are dressed and ready for dinner where we really got to know each other and were able to freely chat about blogging to our hearts content knowing we weren’t boring anyone…

Thought you might like to see some food pictures…

Wherever possible local products are used – all super fresh and as you can see superbly presented – hungry yet?

One super fun thing about travelling with another blogger is wondering what they are going to wear – we seriously didn’t co-ordinate ahead of time so each time was a surprise…dsc_2958

Here we are after breakfast deciding what to do for the day…

Of course first stop had to be a little snoop through the hotel shop full of fun locally produced items…


Then it we agreed on a easy hiking route suggested on the hotel website, leading to a super cute Mountain Hut for lunch.


Right at the start of our hike – just looking at these pictures makes me want to be there again right now…


The path was pretty simple mostly following a pretty river and still I was thankful for Annette’s navigation skills – not one of my stronger points – smile!


A lovely wooden friend we met en route…


Parts just seemed so wonderfully magical… especially this stone which was no longer on the tree stump as we returned…wonder who took it.



Finally reaching the cute Mountain Hut and treating ourselves to a “Radler” – german word for shandy… hadn’t had one of these in years but boy did it taste good!


Our lunch on cute stone table with awesome view of the mountains…made all that hiking totally worth while!

Back at the hotel our evening started with some local wine and cheese tasting:


The lovely party room hidden underneath the hotel with our host Frau Natalie Lässer who entertained a group of us with fabulous family history of how the hotel started, how it was once renowned as being a “sinn” hotel due to all the fun dance parties which took place there…then the down fall and now how a rich American relative helped save the hotel and totally rebuild it to the fabulous wellness establishment of today.



We got to taste some lovely wine and cheese combinations – all locally produced – ok the wine came from closer to Lake Constance than Bregenzerwald – but the wine and cheese makers have a lovely collaboration going together.

A drive or hike along the “Cheese Trail” is an absolute must when visiting Bregenzerwald.


Annette and I in our little black dresses ready for dinner…

Our last morning came far too fast…have a look at some breakfast buffet impressions:

We were so lucky with the weather so breakfast was out on the lovely terrace each morning.

Before heading off back home we treated ourselves to some spa treatment and I had a quick dip in the beautiful in / outdoor pool…dsc_3066-1

Ready for my massage…


Ever so funny – as I was talking to my brilliant Masseuse Gitta she told me at another hotel she used to work in she was called up and asked to massage James Bond… I seem to be following his trail – haha – see previous travel post. In any case I highly recommend Gitta and her massage technique!


Time to finish this post  – thank you for our most awesome stay Sonne Lifestyle Resort Bregenzerwald – I know one day I will have to return!

Do check out Annette’s super nice blog Lady of Style, she has published her own account of the two days away and I am sooooo curious as to what she has written!


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  1. Gorgeous photos, and a gorgeous hotel! I’m so pleased you and Annette had a lovely blogger/girls weekend. I want to come next time! Thank you for sharing your experience. I go to Austria a lot (husband is half Austrian) so I will have to check this place out sometime. I do love a remote destination with gorgeous scenery and a spa! xx

  2. I’m an American living in Vorarlberg, Austria, just about half an hour from the Bregenzerwald, so I was excited to see this post. It’s really a beautiful place to be on a sunny summer day.

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