10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40
Bracelets: Hand made out of Horn by Yael Nadiv

Hi Everyone,

Staying fashionable over 40 can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. At the end of the day it is all about keeping an open mind and accepting change. Change happens in all walks of life. Why not let the change also happen in your wardrobe and appearance.

By the time we are 40 most of use feel as though we have found our base style and what suits us. The trick is to maintain true to ourselves, keep the inner style at the back of our minds and still be able to transform our outer appearance to one of today.

Keep reading for 10 top tips for staying fashionable over 40 (or 50, or any other age).

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40

  1. Stay Informed

Watch what people are wearing on the streets, look at magazines, instagram, Fashion Week Street Style blogs, anything else that gets your imagination going.

Go window shopping  – great way to see whats available and doing a little exercise at the same time.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40
Check out a favourite influencer of mine: Grece Ghanem
2. Dare to try something new

Especially as we grow older many people say “if I were 20 years younger I would wear this…” Remove that frame of mind and try it out anyway. Unless it is a seriously unflattering trend for your personal shape, try the trend anyway!

For example you CAN team orange and green at any age! You can wear sandals with suits! Dare to try something a little different.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40


3. Grab a new trend as soon as you see it.

If you see something new in the shops which you really like but are not sure as you have not seen anyone else wear this trend yet then buy it now! Trends always take time to catch on and you will find that you are simply ahead of your time and have bought something you can wear for years.

Personally I’m loving this poncho style trench!

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40


4. Funk up your every day work wear

Especially important in the corporate world. It is good to wear that traditional dark suit and pumps but don’t let yourself blend in to the extent no one notices you. Always add one high fashion statement piece to every outfit. Be it a brightly coloured coat or scarf or statement piece of jewellery.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40
Caro Daur


5. Always buy what you like

The great thing about being over 40 is we start to really know ourselves. Be true to yourself and if you don’t like a particular trend then stay away from it. There are plenty of other trends for you to pick up on.

Chiara Ferragni


6. Make the most of what you have

Take a favourite piece of clothing from your current wardrobe shopping with you. Buy one new trend item to make another new outfit. A very easy way of staying fashionable and at the same time making the most of what you have.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40


7. Dare to be creative

For example you don’t always have to wear the same coloured shoes together – especially if you have two pairs of the same shoes in different colours. A look seen a few times during the September 2021 Fashion Weeks.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40


8. Close your ears!

Sounds funny advice to be sure. But people take time to adapt to something new. When you try a new trend the chances are high that one of your closest family or friends won’t like it at first. As long as you like it close your ears and wear it anyway. Believe me they will get used to it and eventually possibly even copy you!

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40
Tiffany Hsu


9. Wear things differently

Think of new ways of wearing what you have. Make the effort to wear a totally different outfit each day of the week. Adapting your look to new trends you have seen on the street.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40


10. Buy one totally NEW outift including shoes and bag each Summer and Winter

This is a sure way of making sure you stay fashionable at any age. Emphasis is on NEW and preferably a totally different look to what you already have. By buying a total new look you will find you can make many more updated looks by mix and matching with existing wardrobe items.

10 Top Tips for Staying Fashionable Over 40
Renia Jaz

Stay tuned for more  Fashion Week news later this month!


note: all photos other than this of me taken by Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz and property of FunkyForty GmbH


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  1. Hi dear Yvonne thank you for your blog I love those different styles which really makes the fashion interesting love every bit thank you

  2. Sorry! All I got was ‘buy one new outfit including shoes and bag’ and I’m heading out the door!
    (Loved the first model but I don’t look at tiny young models anymore. Can’t relate. Rita Palazzi at NotOnlyTwenty is my hero!)

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