10 Top Tips for Capri

10 Top Tips for Capri

Hi Everyone,

Capri, an island just off the Italian coast close to Sorrento and Naples, has been on my bucket list for some time now. So I was super happy to visit it earlier this month. It was raining everywhere in Europe at the time and Capri was no exception. However we were ever so lucky in that it only rained one day and there was still enough to keep us out of the rain and entertained at the same time.

Being an incredibly popular tourist destination means that it is easy to fall into some typical tourist traps and this article outlines a couple to make your stay that little bit more enjoyable. Having said that most tourists are day tourists so you’ll find the island gets much quieter at night or early in the morning.

Most places in Capri can only be reached by foot so take good footwear with you. If you are staying on the Island and like to try out different restaurants I recommend choosing a hotel close to the centre. Otherwise you will be walking long distances each night and whilst most paths are concrete and easy to walk the lighting at night is not the best in all places.

Keep on reading for my “10 Top Tips for Capri”.


10 Top Tips for Capri

  1. Getting there

10 Top Tips for Capri

From Zurich the best way to get to Capri is by flying to Naples and then catching a taxi to Port Molo Beverello.

There is a shuttle bus that will take you from the airport to the Port for EUR 5.00 (bookable here). A taxi will be much faster (only about 8 minutes). Be sure to ask about the fix fare or make sure your driver has a meter. It should only ever cost EUR 20 – 30.

Note there are two Ports in Naples from where you can catch ferries to Capri. The high speed ferries only leave from  Molo Beverello.

There is no need to book the ferry ticket in advance, you only end up paying additional transaction costs and you still have to stand in the queue to collect your tickets.


2. Choosing a hotel

10 Top Tips for Capri

Almost like buying a car because of its colour, my initial criteria for a hotel on Capri was that it had an infinity pool – haha.

However, if you like to eat out in different restaurants choose a hotel close to the centre of Capri town or Anacapri. Otherwise you will be walking long distances each night and whilst most paths are concrete and easy to walk the lighting at night is not the best in all places.

There are several fabulous 5 star resorts on the island (see here). Walking around we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful standard of many 4 star hotels as well.

10 Top Tips for Capri

We stayed in Hotel Mamela – only. 3 minute walk from the centre of Capri. Our room had a fabulous view of the ocean, superb infinity pool, lovely renovated rooms and adorable staff. It was our special wedding anniversary and as a treat we were given a bottle of sparkling and chocolate.

Note many sites still show outdated pictures of the Hotel Mamela including trip adviser . It has however recently been fully refurbished including the infinity pool.


3. Apero with best view of Capri

10 Top Tips for Capri

Apero at the Capri Rooftop is practically a must. Great atmosphere and unbeatable views of  Capri’s most iconic sight the dramatic Faraglioni, three towering rock formations.


3. Giardini di Augusto

10 Top Tips for Capri

The Giardini di Augusto or ancient gardens are located right next to the Capri rooftop bar. See interesting botanical plants and get a birds eye view of the famous Via Krupp. A winding path that leads down to the beach. The Via Krupp is currently closed but we have been told it should reopen later this year.

The entrance to the Giardini di Augusto is EUR 1.50. Note the ticket machine works but it takes a very long time so there is an element of patience required.


5) Eat pizza at the Panorama  Restaurant

10 Top Tips for Capri

A short walk from the main Capri square, the Panorama Restaurant is certainly worth a try. We had one of the most delicious pizzas ever and the wine list is also good and fairly priced.

Once again the view from here is also spectacular:

10 Top Tips for Capri


6) Escape the rain at Capri Palace Jameirah

10 Top Tips for Capri

As mentioned at the beginning, we had one day of solid rain. One of the best ways to escape the rain is to take a taxi from Capri centre to Anacapri and then have a light lunch at the beautiful Capri Palace Jameirah.

That is of course if you aren’t already staying at Capri Palace Jameirah  – next visit goal. If you are staying there the wellness and fitness area are great options to hang out until the rain stops.

Some fabulous art work and interior design to emerge yourself in…


7) Best Pasta Dinner with a View – Ristorante Il Geranio

Talk about the most delicious home made pasta dish I have ever had… Ristorante Il Geranio is an absolute must experience if visiting Capri.

Very unpretentious but fabulous food, wine and service. Not to forget the beautiful view which turns into a very romantic one as the sun sets…

Be sure to take some warm clothing as it will get chilly at night.

View from our table:


8. The most Romantic tour – a Private Boat tour

All I can say is it is truly worth splashing out on a 2 hour private boat tour around Capri.

We opened champagne right by the Faraglioni rocks, had a fabulous time exploring  the entrances to many pretty caves with crystal blue waters and simply soaking in the fabulous sea air.

Our tip would be not to get hung up about seeing the famous Blue Grotto as there will most likely be at least a 45 minute wait and there are plenty more caves just around the corner with equally pretty blue waters.

We really recommend booking 2 hours with Capri Boat Service Luxury, our skipper and boat were simply the best.


9. Shop a piece of Good Luck to take home

I learnt that the tiny, jewelled bell is one of the most iconic symbols of the Island of Capri. They say it brings joy and fortune to those who wear it.

According to legend, Saint Michael led a local shepherd to his lost lamb by sounding a tiny bell, the ringing of which the boy was able to follow.

As well as buying a bell for yourself, they make great little gifts to bring back home – smile. You’ll find shops selling them dotted throughout the island.


10. Taste Capri Ice Cream

My Hubby promised a work colleague to eat an ice cream for him on Capri – saying they were the best ice creams you’ll find anywhere.

So as things go the first day it rained all day, was chilly and the last thing we felt like doing was eat ice cream. The next day was Tuesday and for some reason all ice cream shops were closed on Tuesday. Wednesday we left the island at 10am and here I am forced to eat an ice cream at 9:30 am to comply with a promise. Truth be told it really was as delicious as we were told.



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