10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips

10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips

Hi Everyone,

Just back from a wonderful road trip through the Loire Valley and I have to say once again that my own road trip packing tips or tricks made life easy.

I guess everyone likes to wear different things when on a road trip so I can’t promise these tips will work for everyone but I can promise they are the ones that work for me. In fact they have been working for me for years.

You know you packed right when you manage to get everything in one suitcase and you wear every piece that you pack!

Keep reading to find out more about my 10 top road trip packing tips.


10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips

10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips

Voila, just arrived at our hotel in the Loire Valley and things are looking pretty rosy. In the distance you can even spot a little of the Loire river – talk about having a room with a view.

Now for the packing tips:
1. Comfort First

Road trips generally mean several hours in the car each day so make sure you wear and pack items that are super comfy also when sitting down.

2. Dresses that fold very thinly

One dress can be a whole days outfit – so especially in summer pack a couple of very thin foldable dresses.

3. One skirt/trousers with several tops

Save space by packing this separates combination. It also gives a break from wearing dresses each day.

4. Extend your wardrobe by borrowing

If your partner/hubby is like mine and packs shirts especially for the evening only, you can then wear them the following day – smile!

10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips

5. When staying at the same hotel…

When staying at the same hotel and doing day trips from there, pack a different evening item for each evening – it will make you feel more special! Just focus on taking dresses that fold down thinly.

6. Limit shoes

The truth is shoes take up much more space than we give them credit. We’re talking road trip here so chances that you’ll be walking for miles are small. So limit yourself to 2 pairs of day shoes and 1 pair of evening shoes.

7. Share one larger suitcase

Believe me, it saves both time and space to simply have one suitcase and one suitcase keeper who looks after the packing and unpacking. We even managed a whole week through Scotland with all 3 of us like this. So if there are 4 or more  of you and you are going for a week this probably means 2 suitcases.

8. Pack each days outfit in a separate bag

This keeps everything so neat and tidy and easy to repack. I have special zip bags I use for all my travels.

9. My personal tweak – to finish as I start

Each road trip I wear what I leave home in as well to go back. OK, one night stays are the exception and don’t really classify as road trips.

10. Always pack a dirty washing bag!

May seem like a basic tip but it certainly helps keep the whole suitcase smelling fresh and stops you from loosing the odd sock etc.

If you forget it for once – use the hotel laundry bag if supplied.


What I wore:

Here a little collage of what I wore on our Loire Valley road trip – (4 nights/5 days, 26 hours driving, 2’5521km):

10 Top Road Trip Packing Tips


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10 Top Road Trip Packing TipsWishing you lots of fun styling your rainy Summer day!



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  1. Love your blog! My tip for when in France, or Italy is to buy some lovely smelling French soaps to keep my suitcase smelling wonderful! And then when you get home you have a lovely soap to remind you of your fun times and enjoy the luxury of a beautiful product. But I travel from much farther away and for a much longer time and spend months looking forward to seeing family and friends, so it’s a super special experience which I cherish!

  2. Love the borrowing from your travel partner idea! Mmm I am traveling with a very stylish friend Soon ! Lol But no seriously this is my fav tip .

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