10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

Hi Everyone,

February, traditionally when the first ready to wear women’s fashion weeks take place. This year it is all still up in the air and no one really knows what will be happening.

It’s important to realise however that the current situation is not the norm and at some stage we will all be outside once again. Meeting friends, travelling to work, wearing our wonderful trendy outfits and going on summer vacation is on the cards. So let’s get inspired. Don’t spend all your clothing budget on home wear, save some for the brighter times to come!

Based on street style research done, here are 10 top fashion trends for 2021.

Note, all photos in this post are street style pictures taken by me during Spring Summer 2021 fashion week last September.


10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

  1. The thick gold chain

10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

If in doubt simply add a thick gold chain to your outfit. this style trick even works for home wear… add a thick chain and blazer and you’re ready for the great outdoors (or supermarket).


2. Fringe it up

10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

Fringes are hot on the trend list this year. Fringed bags, dresses, skirts, sweaters – the choice is yours.


3. The shorter the better

10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

The maxi dress hasn’t left us yet, but for those of you that like short this is your time to excel. Time to wear all your short skirts and shorts again.

If you’re worried about ageing knees showing simply wear this trend now teamed with tights – no one will ever know (smile).


4. Tartan

Anything tartan is still trending so hold on tight to the pieces you already own!


5. Purple or mauve with plenty of frills

10 Top Fashion Trends for 2021

The perfect way to lift your mood too!


6. The hottest little bag

It almost seems as if this little Fendi number could be an absolute must have!


7. Leather here to stay

It was leather last season and leather again now – a leather top or dress seems to be a must have in every wardrobe.


8. Chunky boots

The chunkier the better. These boots even have one up on the white sneaker this year so stay tuned for more even throughout the summer months!


9. The light blue bag

The light blue bag is about to become just as much a staple requirement as a good black bag! If you find one you like now is the time to grab it!


10. Styling in groups

Wait for it – as soon as stores and restaurants open up again the world will see a whole new emphasis on style with groups of women styled fabulously together!



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Hi! I’m Yvonne, a 40 something (wink) Kiwi, living in Zurich. I love fashion, travel, shopping and food – believing chocolate will cure almost anything!

  1. very nice I love the diversity of clothes and really love your blog it is always very interesting to see what is worn in other countries of the world

    1. Oh you and me both dear – I think there will be a lot of celebrating once this is all over.
      Have a wonderful day. xoxo

  2. I love the fringeing — unfortunately, with three mischievous cats, it’s not something I can wear lol! Love the leather and leather-look trends, but my favourite is and always will be the chunky boots! I do love to wear chunky boots!
    Suzy xx

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