10 Fun Facts about the New MINI Electric Car

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My first car ever was a little Mini Cooper. I was 19 years old and studying at Auckland University. At the time it was such a popular car amongst students that there was a whole section of the University carpark especially reserved for Mini’s.

I have so many stories about my dear yellow Mini named Garfield.  One of the funniest was the time I drove to University on my Birthday. All the other car drivers that passed kept on blowing me kisses – I had no idea why. Until when I got home my Dad nearly fell off the ladder with laughter, (he was painting the house at the time). He then pointed out that someone had stuck a huge sign on the passenger side of the car saying “Kiss me it’s my Birthday”… Moral of the story – check both sides of your car before stepping in – haha!

Given this background I was super happy to be asked to test drive the new Mini electric car and take it for an overnight tour to the Säntis. We stayed in the Säntis – das Hotel which is a 3 star hotel with the most awesome wellness area, which in our opinion was just as nice as some 5 star hotels – pictures further down.

I loved the feel of the plush steering wheel and the handling of the Mini Electric. The fact that it accelerated quickly (actually faster than many of its petrol fuelled siblings) was also fun. Special attention too has been placed in making the Mini Electric look even funkier than ever. You can opt for some fabulously fun yellow trimmings but my heart melted for this stylish midnight blue model.

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10 Fun Facts about the New MINI Electric Car

  1. Every Mini Electric car has a yellow badge on it.

2. The starter button on a Mini Electric car is always yellow.

3. There are over 130’000 DC charging stations for Mini Electric throughout Europe. A bonus is that the mini Electric navigation system will tell you exactly how long it will take you to reach the nearest loading station.

4. A DC charging station will recharge your Mini Electric to 80% energy in just 35 minutes. You can also recharge your car using  a regular household plug – this will then take 2.5 hours to reach 80% capacity.

5. If you drive 100km it will be recharged in 23 minutes at a DC loading station. Just enough time for a coffee or ice cream break. Or 2.5 hours at a regular household electric plug.

6. One pedal feeling – the Mini Electric has a function which refuels the car every time you break (Recuperation). Whilst being a super handy function when you first drive a Mini Electric you might want to switch it off to smoothen the drive until you get used to the handling.

This way you can dive even further than the minimum 234 km before needing recharging.

Glasses – Bespoke by Markus Marienfeld

7. There is a Mini App which you can download that will tell you everything about the current status of your car. It even keeps track of the charging status whilst you are recharging.

8. Acceleration – the new Mini Electric goes from 0 – 100 km/hr in 7.3 seconds. Faster than many of its 3 door petrol fed sibling which takes 10.3 seconds from 0-100km/hr.

Bracelets by Suenia Zurich

9. The heated steering wheel option – with the Comfort Package Plus you get special seat and steering wheel heating. The steering wheel is also more padded for added handling comfort – I would definitely recommend this package!

10.  Saving?

According to German studies energy for  100km will cost EUR 4.30 for the Mini Electric compared to EUR 8 for it’s petrol based sibling. Based on the assumption of a usage of 5.5l/100km and petrol price of EUR 1.45/l).

These assumptions convert to a yearly saving of EUR 550 if you drive 15’000km per year.

Note the savings will vary depending on the cost of fuel and electricity wherever you are based.


If you want to know more or book your own free of charge driving experience check out:



Säntis – Das Hotel
Dress & slides Maison Gassmann

As mentioned we spent the night at Säntis – Das Hotel, here are a few impressions of our room and the stunning wellness area.

Pyjamma – Marina Anouilh



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